Revolutionize your Odoo printouts - with!

Effortless. Fast. Professional - for Enterprise & Community Edition

When is the right choice?

 You have a corporate design and the external presentation is important to you!

 Your reports run over several pages and subtotals should be displayed correctly!

 You want to be able to use all common barcodes, graphic formats and visual designs!

 To edit, you want to use a WYSIWYG editor with your real data!

 You do not want to experience any surprises when changing versions or updating Odoo!

When is it out of the question?

​​ You do not attach any importance to presenting your company to the outside world.

 The standard Odoo report is sufficient for you.

User friendliness

With Office knowledge to the perfect report - Test with live data without having to change anything in the Odoo server and see the printout directly.


No redesign with every Odoo update. Our solution grows with you - from version 12 to 17 or higher. We are constantly developing the report engine.

Variety of templates

Whether sales, purchasing or accounting - start immediately with our customized templates, which we have been continuously developing since Odoo 12.


From PDFs to Excel spreadsheets, from barcodes to graphics - supports a lot of the formats for your business requires.

Cloud power

Your reports, available anytime and anywhere. Choose our cloud service or the on-premise solution for maximum control hosted in Germany.

Flexible pricing model

Pay once, use forever. With an optional maintenance plan, you'll always be up to date. Find out more about our price models... - Create reports as it should be: Fast, reliable and user-friendly.

Tired of getting lost in Odoo when it comes to complex reports? is your savior! Now you can create impressive, multi-page documents without a single line of code. Our intuitive WYSIWYG editor takes the guesswork out of whether the final printout will look exactly the same.

You can find more details in our FAQ